Market Commentary: Rhymes

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History doesn’t always repeat itself but, as Mark Twain reportedly once said, it often rhymes. Looking across the investment landscape, we find ourselves facing events and conditions that have been experienced before but are hardly worthy subjects for song or poetry: a debt limit standoff reminiscent of 2011 and 2013, interest rates not experienced in 16 years, inflation rates not seen in 40 years, levels of U.S. debt as a percentage of GDP that now exceed the 1945 peak, a 100-year pandemic, the 25th instance in 123 years of divided party control in Washington, a 1,000-year rainfall, and now a possible repeat of the 2020 presidential contest.

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LeadingAge MN 2022 Institute and EXPO

Hybrid (In-Person and Virtual) Conference
In Person: February 9-11, 2022
Virtual: February 22-24, 2022

Thought Leadership and Educational Session:

The Power of Innovative Senior Services Boards

Session Date & Time: Virtual Institute Experience, Wednesday, February 23, 11:30am – 12:30pm

Back to Business as Usual for Governing Boards

This session is targeted for Board Members, Assisted Living Directors,  Campus Director/Site Leaders, and CEO/Administrators, of assisted living and care centers although anyone is welcome.

  • Learn the 12 principles of governance that power exceptional boards and how they can be applied to your organization.
  • Gain and understanding of how to shift the board from crisis management back to strategic planning.
  • Refresh your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of governing boards, post-pandemic, and be able to share that wisdom with your board.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lynn Daly, Executive Vice President, HJ Sims
  • Jerry Carley, President/CEO, Benedictine Health System
  • Michael Edwin, Director, Baker Tilly


As we continue to experience fluctuations in our capital markets, HJ Sims is committed to Tracking the COVID-19 Impact.

2023 National Charter School Conference

HJ Sims is proud to be attending, exhibiting, and sponsoring the 2023 National Charter School Conference. Make sure to stop by and visit us at Booth #1110. We look forward to connecting. 



Market Commentary: Dangerous Words

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Things are different than they were at the start of the new year. Several banks have failed, with SVB and Signature now listed among the top four U.S. largest bank failures of all time when measured by total assets. The Federal Reserve launched yet another new rescue program and Pew Research reported that 56% of Americans say banks and other financial institutions have a negative effect on the way things are going in the country these days.

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Market Commentary: Pick and Roll

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It was with a pen, not a buzzer, a 21-gun salute, a balloon drop, fireworks, or confetti parade, that the President signed congressional resolution H. J. Res. 7, ending the COVID national emergency on Monday. He signed the bill behind closed doors without ceremony, bringing no new attention to the execrable pandemic that disrupted and devastated virtually every life on the planet over the course of the last three years.

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Market Commentary: Calling the Shots

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It was fifty years ago on April 3, 1973, when Dr. Marty Cooper made the first public cell phone call from his clunky, personal, handheld, portable prototype as he stood on a busy New York City sidewalk. The 44-year-old Motorola engineer thought it would be amusing to make that first call to his company’s chief competitor at Bell Labs, Dr. Joel Engel. He punched in his rival’s number on a DynaT-A-C device that was roughly the size of a brick.

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Clark-Lindsey Village Celebrates the Addition of their Assisted Living Apartment Building with Beam-Signing Event

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This past Sunday, Clark-Lindsey Village hosted a beam signing event to celebrate the addition of their Assisted Living Apartment building (due to be completed in late 2023). The beam signed by residents, staff and partners represents the last piece of structure that will link the new building with the existing.

HJ Sims is proud to be part of this exciting milestone and forever a part of the new building.

Learn about how CLV partnered with HJ Sims to assist with the financing of this project.

Congratulations to the staff and residents of Clark-Lindsey Village!