Who We Are

A wealth management, investment banking, and institutional services firm helping individual investors, organizations, municipalities and institutions realize their potential since 1935. From building wealth to building communities, we help clients navigate an uncertain world.

What We Stand For

Integrity. Service. Compassion. Collaboration. At HJ Sims, these are more than nice-sounding words. They are sacred promises to our clients. They are the values we embody. As a family-founded business, we are inspired daily by the example of our founder and visionary namesake, Herbert J. Sims, who launched the company in the darkest days of the Great Depression. Back in 1935, he opened a one-room investment office with money loaned from an influential venture capitalist: his mother. With few assets other than his good name and commitment to excellence, he quietly built a financial powerhouse that became the envy of Wall Street.

Today, we remain true to these values. They remain our competitive edge, the qualities that set us apart in an increasingly crowded financial marketplace. The name on our door is a continuing reminder of where we came from — and where we are going.

HJ Sims, experts in high-yield, tax-free investments and financial services.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Our Mission

Our mission remains the same as it was in 1935: to listen carefully, deliver tailored advice, and treat our clients and employees like family.
Guided by integrity since our founding, HJ Sims is driven by loyalty and teamwork to provide our clients with valuable guidance and creative financial solutions that enrich their lives, their organizations, and the communities they serve.Through our execution of innovative financings, and income-generating investment and trading strategies, we position our employees and clients for growth and greater success.

HJ Sims Culture & Loyalty


As we reflect on 2020, we recollect a year dominated by staggering change. Change in the way we live; in the way we communicate; in the way we socialize; in the way we work; in the way we educate; change in virtually every way in which we conduct our daily lives. It was also a year of loss. Loss in our families, our communities and across the world. One loss that touched the lives of our staff (our family) at HJ Sims is that of Genevieve Freda. Gen, as we affectionately called her, joined Herbert J. Sims & Co in 1948 as an 18-year old high school graduate. A young professional on Wall Street, Gen quickly became a member of the Sims’ family – working side by side with Herbert Sims as he grew the young firm from five employees.

A beloved member of our family, Gen made her home in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and daughter. She commuted daily to Wall Street for 40 years and then eventually to Connecticut for 30 more years. As the firm grew, so did Gen’s commitment. Her arrival at the office each day was as steadfast as the sun rising each morning. In 2019, after 70 years with HJ Sims, Gen made the incredibly difficult and emotional decision to stop her commute and retire from HJ Sims. 

Year after year, Gen welcomed countless employees to the HJ Sims family, making each and every one of us feel like family. Cards, flowers and gifts for marriages, babies, new homes, graduations, wishes of sympathy and good health…no matter the occasion, caring thoughts and words from Gen would arrive at our homes and bring smiles to our faces. We will always remember Gen warmly; admiring her dedication and spirit as a rare example of unfaltering commitment. 

As we reflect on losing Gen at the end of 2020, we are grateful for having her in our family. Gen’s impact on our lives and this world made a genuine difference. Today, we know that Gen would be looking ahead, believing in and encouraging us all to contribute to a world filled with courage, compassion and heart. 

In the words of our dear Genevieve Freda, “Without the past, you don’t have a present. Without the present, you don’t have a future.”

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