HJ Sims Capital Management

HJ Sims Capital Management’s (HJSCM) Financial Advisory team applies a holistic approach to wealth management via our POWeR (Platform of Wealth entirement® Resources).

Yes, it’s a financial industry. But, it’s a people business.

Why invest in just stocks or mutual funds when your portfolio holds so much more potential?  HJ Sims Capital Management (HJSCM) Financial Advisors offer in-house holistic wealth management, examining equities, individual high-yield instruments, alternative investment strategies, portfolio management and more — helping you leverage the potential within the market, adjusting your portfolio to meet current conditions and better protect your assets. We look at the entire picture. That’s entirement®.

Through HJSCM, Access your personal asset dashboard, stress and scenario test your portfolio against real-time events and conditions, and more. We provide the knowledge and tools you need to manage the many components of your financial life – at your convenience from any device.

Plus, it is easy to move any of your accounts to HJSCM and we reduce the paperwork.

ABOUT Herbert J. Sims Capital Management: HJSCM is a fully owned affiliate of HJ Sims. HJ Sims and its affiliate HJSCM, deliver a diverse range of investment strategies including tax-efficient securities, equities and other alternative investment products. We are deeply committed to serving our clients with dedication, knowledge, passion and integrity. The parent company, HJ Sims, is headquartered in Fairfield, CT with offices nation-wide, including Puerto Rico. Follow HJ Sims on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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