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HJ Sims draws on 85+ years of expertise to help you create wealth and retirement income, as well as endeavor to build generational wealth.

HJ Sims' entirement approach - they consider your whole financial picture to provide solutions.

Our entirement® Approach

As one of America’s most enduring investment firms, we look beyond today’s markets. We broaden our focus to take in your entire financial picture: your lifestyle, your values, your family, your goals. Whether you are an ultra-high-net-worth investor, getting started, or somewhere in between, we provide customized solutions that get you where you want to go.

HJ Sims is a full-service investment partner.

Your Full-service Investment Partner

Wealth-building is in our DNA. We work with you to skillfully navigate often uncertain global economic markets. Our uniquely talented wealth management professionals have vast experience in all financial climates, helping to ensure you are well-positioned for market trends and opportunities in all economic environments.

HJ Sims helps accredited investors evaluate lesser known alternative investments.

Advanced Strategies, Custom Solutions

In addition to providing access to widely available securities, we help accredited investors evaluate lesser known opportunities in tax-exempt and taxable bonds, private placements and other alternative investments, guiding you to assess risks and potential rewards. Applying our holistic wealth management approach, with your input, we map out your journey – providing streamlined, expert advice paired with custom investment products and advanced solutions that align with your vision.

HJ Sims helps you structure your portfolio to seek the income you need to support your lifestyle.

Seeking Income

We challenge the customary definition of ‘income.’ As a leading authority in municipal and other tax-exempt and taxable securities, we help you structure your portfolio to seek the income you need to support your lifestyle. As an HJ Sims client, you have access to municipal issues and private placements underwritten by our investment banking team in addition to other new issues available in the market. Our due diligence and in-house analysis are so trustworthy, our own team often invests in our offerings.

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