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At HJ Sims, we challenge the customary definition of “income.” Whether it means generating income from dividend-paying stocks, or earning interest from individual bonds, we evaluate and recommend a diverse range of investment strategies – helping you earn the income you need to meet your financial and lifestyle goals.

Tax Exempt Municipal Bond



Yield to Maturity

Par Call Date


Priced to the 9/01/2025
Par Call Date

Tax Exempt Municipal Bond

South Carolina Jobs EDA

Woodlands at Furman


Premium Call





Yield to Maturity 11/15/2054

Non Rated

$25,000 Minimum Denomination

Taxable Equivalent Yield to the Worst 7.155%


Priced to the Premium Call Date 01/15/2030

Holistic Portfolio

Portfolios built to leverage current economic conditions and better protect your assets.  We examine equities, individual high-yield instruments, alternative investment strategies, portfolio management and more.

Diversification, customization, flexibility, tax efficiency all in one place

Work with a financial professional to implement a defined investment process

Contact us to discuss investment opportunities or provide you with a portfolio comparison

Insurance Needs

Meet your insurance needs through your HJ Sims account

Variable, Indexed and Fixed Annuities

Life Insurance

Long-term Care Insurance

Tax Exempt Municipal Bond

Massachusetts St. Dev. Rev.

Dexter Southfield Inc.


Par Call





Yield to Maturity 05/01/2035

S&P BBB+ Stable

Taxable Equivalent Yield to the Worst 2.381%


Priced to the Par Call Date 05/01/2025

Owned and offered in the secondary market. Subject to change in price and availability. Interest in municipal bonds is typically exempt from federal tax. Some bonds may be subject to the Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT). State tax-exemption typically applies if securities are issued within one’s state of residence and local tax-exemption typically applies if securities are issued within one’s city of residence. The material presented here is for information purposes only and is not to be considered an offer to buy or sell any security. Commentary is prepared from sources believed to be reliable but it is not guaranteed as to accuracy and it is not a complete summary or statement of all available data. Information and opinions are current up to the date of publication and are subject to change without notice. The purchase and sale of securities should be conducted on an individual basis considering the risk tolerance and investment objective of each investor and with the advice and counsel of a professional advisor. All investments involve risk and may result in a loss of principal. Investors should carefully consider their own circumstances before making any investment decision.

All investments carry some degree of risk. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds can lose value, even all their value, if market conditions sour. Even conservative, insured investments, such as certificates of deposit (CDs) issued by a bank or credit union, come with inflation risk. They may not earn enough over time to keep pace with the increasing cost of living. High-yield bonds are subject to more risk than investment-grade bonds and are potentially less liquid and more volatile than investment-grade bonds. Learn More.

Gain access to a range of income and growth-oriented investments, from stocks and tax-exempt bonds to private placements and alternative investments.