The world is preparing to welcome a new generational powerhouse in that of “seniors” and those considered of “retirement age.” A transition is occurring, establishing the largest projected population of retirees and senior citizens in human history. This trend can be attributed to various factors, including the reduced physical demands of many jobs today, advancements in healthcare, a greater focus on healthy living, and technological advances, which are expanding global lifespans and the median age of adults.

Dr. Joseph Coughlin, Director of the MIT AgeLab, (also keynote speaker of this year’s HJ Sims Annual Late Winter Conference), discusses the trends of aging and longevity. Drawing upon his extensive and varied experience in academia and advising global firms, Dr. Coughlin shares insight gained from his position as instructor in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning and Sloan School’s Advanced Management Program. Dr. Coughlin is also the author of The Longevity Economy: Inside the World’s Fastest Growing, Most Misunderstood Market.

Dr. Coughlin cites the leading indicators of the pattern of retirees and consequent implications for product and service providers in countries throughout the world.

  • In Germany: the country is recognizing the trending population of older adults and creating an anti-aging beer
  • In Japan: the sale of adult diapers has surpassed those sold for infants
  • In the U.S.: an adult turns the age of 75 every seven seconds and 13% of all online dating services are being utilized by persons aged 65+ and older