Let’s Continue the Conversation: Recap from 21st Annual Late Winter Conference

Let’s build on the energy and ideas from our 2024 annual conference. Join us in keeping the momentum going by continuing to share your insights and collaborate with fellow industry leaders.

Below are highlights from a few of our keynote sessions. Click the link at the bottom of the page to delve deeper and engage in the discussion.

The Innovation Imperative

Observing that all businesses are experiencing market disruption, our speakers posited that Innovation is the best way for leaders to respond to that disruption. Innovation well done can act as a safeguard for market leadership and a catalyst for growth and operational efficiency. Sonali noted that we live in a time where innovations such as Artificial Intelligence will continue to accelerate changes to the business landscape, and Susan discussed that the Senior Living markets are experiencing disruption on multiple fronts including an increased cost of capital, increased cost of and shortage of talent, significant changes in government regulation, and competition from for-profit providers that are entering the market.

The Multi-Generational Moment

Much has been made of the unprecedented demographic trend of population aging in the U.S. and globally. However, less attention has been given to the accompanying phenomena of age segregation and ageism that has proliferated across our society. Notably, while the U.S. population is the most age diverse in its history, it faces an unprecedented degree of age segregation.

Recognizing the adverse consequences and lost opportunities resulting from these trends, there is growing awareness of what’s to be gained by harnessing the power of cross generational interaction and collaboration and, as a result, signs that the “tide is turning”.

How can we break-down barriers between generations, particularly for young adults and seniors?

Hey, Don’t Close that Nursing Home!

The non-profit senior living sector is as prepared as it has ever been to take advantage of opportunities to transact, and M&A activity amongst our non-profit clients continues to be prevalent as providers seek to position themselves for future success. HJ Sims has proven to be a valuable partner to our clients helping them explore, bid/propose on and finance their M&A activity. We continue to be thought leaders in this area, as evidenced by the speaking engagements, board education and whitepapers we’ve done.

In response to headlines around nursing home closures and many providers contemplating how skilled nursing fits into their organizations going forward, HJ Sims is pleased to share its latest whitepaper: “Hey, Don’t Close That Nursing Home!”, which shares a spectrum of options providers can tap into to either preserve the value of the nursing home in anticipation of a sale or to modify the ownership structure to move towards a sustainable model.

Join us as we advance the conversations that impact our community. Let’s work together to define solutions on how we can make a difference.