HJ Sims Successfully Underwrites Pavilion Project and Refinancing for John Knox Village in Pompano Beach


November 23, 2020

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HJ Sims Successfully Underwrites Pavilion Project and Refinancing for John Knox Village in Pompano Beach

FAIRFIELD, CT– HJ Sims (Sims), a privately held investment bank and wealth management firm founded in 1935, is pleased to announce the successful closing of an October 2020 refinancing and capital projects financing in the amount of $77,605,000 for John Knox Village (JKV), a life plan community for age- and income-qualified residents in Pompano Beach, FL.

JKV sought assistance in restructuring its capital stack while issuing additional debt to develop amenity spaces to serve existing and attract new residents to the potential Westlake Tower expansion. JKV was seeking financing options for a new community pavilion, including dining facilities and related amenities, a new lake, various parking spaces and a new central energy plant (Pavilion Project). Sims was ultimately engaged by JKV as the COVID-19 pandemic was declared.

Sims provided multiple financing scenarios to analyze considering the volatility of the bond market and bank lending environment, which ultimately led to the selection of long-term fixed rate bonds for the 2020 financing. Working alongside JKV’s board, management and financial advisor, Sims prepared JKV for the Fitch-review process as they sought a material increase in their debt, ultimately retaining their Fitch A- credit rating with a negative outlook.

Sims priced the JKV Series 2020 Bonds during a week of near record volume, surpassing expectations and executing on a majority 4.000% or lower coupon structure to minimize the debt service burden. Sims also worked alongside JKV and its legal counsel to modernize certain aspects of JKV’s existing master trust indenture, providing additional flexibility for JKV in anticipation of the potential Westlake Tower expansion. The final pricing increased maximum annual debt service by just over $2.5 million for over $58 million in new long-term debt. The Series 2020 Bond issuance, as underwritten by Sims, is expected to provide a stable platform upon which JKV may continue to grow as it nears its fifth decade of service.

“Modernizing a Life Plan Community is a stressful endeavor on its own. Adding the stress of financial markets, budgets, forecasting and legal documents can be overwhelming for governance, management and residents. A good financing team is the key to wading through these waters. HJ Sims built a strong financing team, and broke down a complicated process into easily understood digestible parts. The results left this Community the ability to afford the facility, which will position John Knox Village as continued market leaders of senior lifestyle for generations. Working with Aaron and Melissa has been a pleasure; they are part of my team and I expect to continue to use their counsel in the future. I would recommend this firm highly,” said Bruce Chittenden, CFO, JKV.

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