HJ Sims Market Commentary: Kickoff

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The global population climbed to 8 billion people on Tuesday, November 15, according to the United Nations, up from 5.3 billion in 1990. More than half of us — an estimated 5 billion — from every nation, ethnicity, faith, age range, income level and occupation will watch some or most of the FIFA World Cup games during the 29 days of competition underway in Qatar. Not billions but millions of people around the world also tune in to the monthly press conferences held by Jerome Powell, the head of the U.S. central bank. These events are shorter in duration and much less exciting than the World Cup games but produce just as much if not more wagering.

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The 20th Annual HJ Sims Late Winter Conference

Financing Methods and Operating Strategies for Charter Schools and Senior Living

Our 20th Annual HJ Sims Late Winter Conference will examine trends and developments critical to the success of charter schools and senior living communities. An extensive and thoughtful agenda, with dual education tracks for charter schools and senior living, has been compiled to address financing methods, operating strategies and technological advancements that can help alleviate existing challenges and encourage continued growth in the non-profit and proprietary sectors of our industry. Throughout the conference, we will deliver a dynamic group of speakers and experts committed to sharing thought-provoking views and providing profound insight.

Our series of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panels and roundtables will deliver an invaluable forum for exchanging ideas and information, while also providing unique networking opportunities. The objective of the Late Winter Conference is for industry participants to learn and discuss each other’s strategies and solutions for success. Check the registration webpage for details regarding CEU and CPE credits for our education sessions during the conference. As always, we will plan to offer both, pending approvals. 

For conference attendance, follow our Safety Protocol.

2023 Late Winter Conference: Registration Open

Please visit the conference webpage for all details, including hotel registration.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Brady.

HJ Sims Market Commentary: Red, White, Black and Blue Confetti

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The 2024 presidential campaign season is off to a start already with Tuesday’s announcement by former president Donald J. Trump. The launch of his third bid for the Oval Office came just one week after the mid-term elections flipped the U.S. House to Republican rule by a slim margin but left the Senate under Democratic control, likely reliant once again upon Vice President Harris to cast tie-breaking votes depending on the outcome of the December 6 runoff in Georgia.

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HJ Sims Market Commentary: Numbers Count

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More than 18 million veterans who have served our country in the active military, naval or air service will be honored this week at parades, dinners, award ceremonies and other events commemorating their sacrifice and service. A grateful nation pauses once a year to thank all those who have defended our many freedoms — including the one we just exercised with spirit this week. An estimated 42 million early ballots were cast in the midterm elections and, by the time all the tallies are final, this could be the second midterm in a row where voters exceeded 100 million.

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HJ Sims Market Commentary: Cracking the Code

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Codes are, of course, absolutely critical to communication during times of war and, in modern military history, one that was never broken remains famous to this day. During World War II, Japanese cryptographers intercepted but were never able to decipher the messages sent by the U.S. Marine Navaho Code Talkers. The code was developed at Camp Elliott in San Diego in May 1942 by a small group of 29 Navajo men, some as young as 15, based on the complex, unwritten, verb-based Navaho (Diné) language. Although far from Window Rock, the Navajo Nation Capital, central bankers around the world have developed their own cryptic language that traders and investors struggle to decipher.

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Love & Company Webinar: A Look Ahead at 2023

A Look Ahead at 2023: Recognizing, Addressing and Overcoming the Challenges Ahead for Life Plan Communities

December 8, 2022 | 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Join Love & Company, LifeSpire of Virginia and HJ Sims for a webinar that will look ahead to 2023.

Staffing shortages. Inflationary pressures. Rising interest rates. A softening housing market. Ever-increasing construction costs and supply chain issues. These and other economic challenges are squeezing already thin (or non-existent) margins for Life Plan Communities. What should communities do to respond to these challenges and position themselves for financial success in 2023?

In Love & Company’s third annual “A Look Ahead” webinar, senior living thought leaders share their views on these challenges and what steps organizations can (and need to!) take now to solidify their financial health in 2023.

  • Aaron Rulnick, Managing Principal of Herbert J. Sims & Co., will present an overview of major trends and how they are expected to continue into 2023. He will then provide an overview of the guidance the Sims team is providing to organizations to help them prepare for and respond to these continuing challenges.
  • Jonathan Cook, CEO of LifeSpire of Virginia, a growing organization with five Life Plan Communities in Virginia, will share strategic initiatives LifeSpire is taking to continue to grow revenue and services. These include pricing and contract modifications, independent living growth strategies, and how the organization is approaching potential acquisitions.
  • Rob Love, President/CEO of Love & Company, will address specific steps communities can take to evaluate options to increase independent living revenues and cash flow without relying solely on monthly fee increases. He will also outline specific steps communities can take to enhance their ability to attract and retain staff.


  • Aaron Rulnick, Managing Principal, HJ Sims
  • Jonathan Cook, CEO, LifeSpire of Virginia
  • Rob Love, President & CEO, Love & Company

Senior Housing Business Webinar: What Will 2023 Hold for Seniors Housing Investment & Acquisition Activity?

What Will 2023 Hold for Seniors Housing Investment & Acquisition Activity?

December 8, 2022 | 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

There are lots of unknowns in the seniors housing industry as we close out the year and look into 2023.

Increased interest rates and inflation have slowed merger and acquisition activity and curbed lender appetite to sponsor deals in the fourth quarter even though national occupancy numbers have ticked up.

What do current conditions mean for the end of 2022 and what can we expect throughout the next year?

On Thursday, Dec. 8, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST, Seniors Housing Business will host a webinar offering a look into the future.

Valuation & Information Group is sponsoring the webinar, “What Will 2023 Hold for Seniors Housing Investment & Acquisition Activity?”

This valuation-themed discussion will be the last in a series of three 2022 webinars examining the seniors housing industry’s investment outlook.

Audience members will learn the following:

  • What type of deals have panelists been closing over the last two months?
  • What type of transactions have occurred in the industry over the last two weeks?
  • What’s the motivation behind these transactions and how are they getting done?
  • Predictions for what 2023 holds over the first two quarters and beyond.

Confirmed panelists include Talya Nevo-Hacohen of Sabra Health Care REIT; Erik Howard of Capital Funding Group; Jeff Sands of HJ Sims; Pilar Carvajal of Innovation Senior Living; and moderator JP LoMonaco of Valuation & Information Group.


  • Pilar Carvajal, Innovation Senior Living
  • Erik Howard, Capital Funding Group
  • JP LoMonaco, Valuation & Information Group.
  • Talya Nevo-Hacohen, Sabra Health Care REIT
  • Jeff Sands, HJ Sims